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Download Intro (OffTheRunts) - 67 Song Ringtones

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Album : Quarantined
Year : 2020
Lyric :

(feat. Dimzy, SJ)

[Riley Freeman:]
Look, fuck you
Fuck the plane you flew in on
Fuck them shoes
Fuck those socks with the belt on it
Fuck your gay-ass fairy faggot accent
Fuck them cheap-ass cigars
Fuck your yuck-mouth teeth
Fuck your hairpiece

You don’t wanna meet the sensei (Nah)
Fifteen inches of black steel
Have you calculatin’ your leg day (Dip, splash)
I’ve done it before there were ZK’s
But pass me the pole like relay
Twenty two shots like Cdai (Blip, blip)
Pull up on bare man’s B-days
Surprise parties, that’s cliche (Pull up)
Lit my spliff, got writer’s block (Fuck it)
Had two in my pocket, two in the dots
When I took it to them man’s block (Take it there)
New Park ain’t no country
Better be on, don’t be drivin’ off (Where you goin’?)
Yeah, I swear you signed up for this lifestyle
When it gets real don’t be signin’ off (Stay out here, gang)

They still wanna know who got him
Free all my drillers, they’re rottin’ and plottin’ (Free ’em)
The war’s still on so we’re still gun shoppin’
Sight that man on the main and pop him
Last ones left but the drills ain’t stoppin’ (Agh)
If they throw me in the can then I’m doin’ kickboxin’ (Kickboxin’)
No COVID but the 12 was coughin’ (Ahh-ahh)
I ain’t tryna be in jail on PornHub tossin’
Have sex with my girl, I ain’t doin’ no tossin’
White gold VVS, I brush and floss it (Brr)
If the scratcher’s rusty, broski cloth it (Wipe it down)

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