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Album : Quarantined
Year : 2020
Lyric :
(feat. Dimzy, Monkey, SJ, Ching, PR)


Dem man dere’s chat like Bk Chat LDN (Bk Chat LDN)
Know, if the boys in blue weren’t there we would’ve locked that function (locked that function)
The feds said I can’t lurk on the opp block, some silly injunction (silly)
Done it in Fields… can’t forget Junction (no way)
Dem man really want an exposure
Channel 4 and BBC soon know ya
We got artillery on the motor
Bro had waps from Motorolas
Leg shot that’s dead
Tryna slap man’s head, back or shoulders
Backroad or main, man lurk with revolvers stuffed with boulders

They slipped back so we killed like three
I mean four, he got bored
Step for the cause
Two Ls with my darrg tryna go for war
Caught my man he got bored
He was twichin’ on the floor so I stabbed him more
SAD still skengs we trust, but times I bring my sword
Reckless how he left his hood
He got stabbed up twice when he felt dem shells
Latex no leathers, kweffers
I ain’t tryna leave no trail
Free bro, gotta watch that mail
Murder trial cah he got detailed
He weren’t ride or die when he thought he got bored up quick tryna link his gyal

New year, be careful
674 we SAD, that’s spot and drop it’s careful
Man’s doin’ up on two roads
Ten toes ting or a four-wheeled vehicle (numerous tings)
Can’t get in the ride if I banned that
Can’t serve the time that’s fearful (Man can’t risk dem things)
It was us that had two .44’s in a four-door, no rap, no cap
That’s mandem’s face on the news and dat
That’s drugs and bootings and dat (free da man)
Bare man ting I ain’t shootin’ at dat
Few roof, that’s Kuku and that (free him up)
Feds still got that clue and my lil’ bro did it, leave it at that

I got a pocket rocket in my coat
But I spent like a rack on my coat, I’ll burn it
Scribz got guilty, didn’t deserve it
Djang got life, lil’ broski firmed it
I don’t wanna hear no talk from my man
We already burned it, many deserve it
I don’t wanna hear we ain’t been scorin’
He got turned into runts so I’ll burn it
Hoes and feds are still tryna pree man
Free said he’s out there tryna clean man
1 .44, but we fried up three man
Didn’t really wanna see man
Who’s really gonna talk about the shaves
Those days on the opp block done felt our blades
It was very nasty when we got down…
Bare strawberry and jam, ask…

I spent too many years in the jailhouse
Security shipouts got me on tour
Every ring, every landing that I touched down
No cap but suttin’ got bored (ching)
Praise the Lord, news reports
60’s pull up and turn up the war
Wass on wass, dem man dere cap
Points on points, my niggas dem scored (truss)
Back then it was us doin’ two .44’s in the four-door and lettin’ it bang
Drill it bape, any estate
Fuck your TOG’s it was jump out gang
Most of your team’s been chinged or blammed
Shot or stabbed, that’s facts on facts
Don’t talk about GB’s winnin’
Free Scribz, bow, get back gang (free him)

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