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Artist Birthday : 01/01/2001 (Age 19)
Born In : Metro Manila, Philippines
Occupation(s) : Singer, Musician
Genres : OPM / Pinoy rock, Alternative rock, Pop rock
Labels : Sony Music, Soupstar/Universal

6cyclemind (sometimes spelled as Six Cycle Mind, 6 Cycle Mind, 6CycleMind or 6Cyclemind) is a Filipino band composed of Tito Fortunato “Tutti” Caringal II on vocals, Ryan “Rye” Sarmiento on rhythm guitars and backing vocals, Roberto “Bob” Cañamo on bass guitar and backing vocals, Herbert Hernandez on lead guitars and Vic Aquino on drums.

The band’s music is a fusion of alternative and pop music. The band gained a mainstream exposure in the early 2000s and was a prominent fixture of the Tunog Kalye era. – Source : Wikipedia.

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